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Custom Horse Floats & Trucks

Custom made floats and horse trucks, each to suit the individual. All are available in a range of different styles, colours, shapes and sizes. Each float is handmade with 100% Australian made materials and started the day you place your order. All orders can be seen at any time whilst being made, there are no secrets here! We are flexible to your needs and will work out the best float and/or truck to suit your individual needs. 

Imported Horse Floats – (Coming Soon)

 If you’re on a budget and are happy with a fixed design, we offer Australia’s best value imported line of Windsor Floats made to our exacting specifications by one of the world largest manufacturers of horse floats. While this range does offer some level of customisation if you’re prepared to wait a little, it is what we like to call an off the shelf design series and typically comes as you see on the brochure.